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How to Choose the Right Realtor For You

Here at Brownell Team Realtors, we aim to become the only real estate company you ever need. Our goal is to exceed your expectations every time, and our philosophy is to provide first-class service. Relationships are the be the bedrock of our business. This is why we strive in every conversation and transaction to be open and transparent. You can count on it.

Our team represents decades of combined experience, with an extensive knowledge of the real estate market. Also, each team member has a wholehearted commitment to all our clients and advocates. Together, these traits make us one of the top real estate companies in the West.

The Realtor to Represent Your Needs

People have been buying and selling homes for hundreds of years. And while you might assume that all transactions are the same, that’s not true at all. Like every home, each transaction is unique. That’s why you need the best possible representation at your side.

You should choose your realtor carefully. Before you settle on someone, ask prospective real estate agents several questions about their process and expertise. For instance, when interviewing a seller’s agent, ask:

  • How many homes do you sell in your neighborhood each year?
  • How will you settle on the correct asking price, and ensure I find a buyer to pay it?
  • What does your communication look like?

When interviewing a buyer’s agent, you should find out if they have:

  • An understanding such issues as absorption rate in your area
  • Strategies to use when competing with other buyers
  • Advice and information on whether you need to be pre-approved for a loan

You should always discuss with your real estate agent how you will communicate back and forth. Both buying and selling a home are stressful events – more so when you’re doing both at once. No matter your individual situation, you need a realtor who understands the complexities of what you’re facing.

Before you begin any home buying or selling process, be sure to sit down with your prospective realtor and ask these questions. A good real estate company will be happy to answer any of them and more.

If they don’t, that means they aren’t the realtor for you.

Our Commitment to You

Here at Brownell Team REALTORS, we commit each day to being the top real estate agents in the area. We put 100% of our energies toward helping our clients get exactly what they need and cultivating the referral relationships that are the lifeblood of our business. We know how important buying or selling a home is to you, and we strive to help you find the 'Right' realtor who takes it as seriously as you do.

David Brownell, captain of this ship, likes to put it this way: "My team and I care about the people we serve. We aim to build strong, lasting, lifelong relationships. Like your doctor or accountant, we strive to be your real estate consultants for life."