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Kristine  Moran

My name is Kristine Moran and I fell in love with real estate. I came from a background of law enforcement, security and retail management. I've always enjoyed helping others whether it be through volunteer work or on a personal level. I came to a point in my life, after having received my Master's Degree, that I felt the desire to settle down with a career. With that career though, I had to decide what would be best to allow me to continue being the mother I want to be to my two young children. A friend suggested I'd make a great realtor. Literally, 6 weeks later, I passed the State and National License and got going! I've always been a motivated person that loves helping people accomplish their goals while still accomplishing mine. With this career, that I had no idea about or ever contemplated, I've fallen in love. Not only do I love helping my clients find what they are looking for or selling their property, but I absolutely love meeting people, networking, and being an expert in something that benefits our community growth and market. I strive to be the best realtor I can be to my clients as well as to people that simply want questions answered and general knowledge on the market. I truly am here to help make a positive difference in the lives of many and am excited for my continuous growth in such a competitive career. 

Kristine is a VA Certified Realtor and able to educate and assist Veterans with their options for buying and/or selling homes. Many Veterans, let alone Realtors and Lenders, are unaware of the opportunities available to Veterans. Kristine can help Veterans understand what they are missing out on and what they can do to take advantage of the benefits they've gratefully earned.