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David  Brownell
David  Brownell
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David Brownell grew up in the Midwest - Des Moines, Iowa. He originally moved to Las Vegas to assist his uncle in writing a management book and running his business. His family still resides in Iowa – his mom and three younger sisters, two brothers-in-law, four nephews (Adam, Joey, Matthew and Ben) and a niece (Stascia).  His dad is deceased.

David began selling real estate in Las Vegas in the late 1990's on the recommendation of a close friend. Not knowing much about the business, he spent his first years learning from others. During that time, David witnessed some high quality real estate service as well as some pretty terrible real estate service.

David often talks about how he was able to understand pretty quickly why so many people hold Realtors with the same regard as a used car salesperson. High-pressure sales tactics. Motivating customers out of fear. A traditional Realtor - someone selfishly motivated by their commission first and the client’s interests after that.

From this, he decided to start his own business. He began with the basic premise that he would always put his client and their interests first. David had seen first-hand the disasters that happen when those traditional Realtors conducted their business backwards. And how unhappy their clients would be at the end of the process.

Customers and clients of Brownell Team REALTORS will be treated with the utmost care and respect. To always remember that we are helping them as they make one of their most expensive decisions in their lifetime - buying or selling a home. Others may promise. We will deliver.

David strives to instill this same perspective in all that come to work with him. He is committed to helping them be better at what they do as well as who they are. It is his goal that they would see work as a fun place, yet a challenging place too. "And then, not only will I benefit and they benefit, but our clients will too."