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Gated Communities: A Break Down

Today, I will address a topic that clients and friends ask me about regularly--gated communities. There are obvious additional benefits to living in a gated community (they can be much safer, the aesthetic is usually nicer, they’re a practical alternative to medieval moats, the list goes on), but with additional benefits come additional costs. Let's break down of the main types of gated communities and talk a little bit about what each offers.

Two types of gated communities exist in Las Vegas--gated and guard gated. The difference between the two is pretty self-explanatory: gated communities offer a gate accessible by a code or a remote control, while guard gated communities have the added benefit of a person situated in a guard house, greeting each guest, checking IDs, etc.

The main benefit of living in a guard-gated community is that it prevents “piggybacking” (cars trailing behind an initial car once the gate opens). Only those who are 'authorized' to go past the guard gate will be permitted inside the community. The landscape and aesthetic appeal of the entrances of guard-gated communities also tends to be nicer than that of gated communities without a guard house. (How can anyone forget the iron-horse-laden entrances to Queensridge North & South?)

For some home buyers, the added security (and possibility of giant horse statues greeting you) is a huge bonus--for others, it isn’t a necessity. That all really depends on personal preference. Keep in mind though, that HOA fees in a guard-gated community are going to be higher than in their gated counterparts--you’re helping to cover the cost of the guards’ wages and additional security. On the flip side of the increased HOA fees, is the fact that both gated and guard-gated communities generally command a higher price in the real estate market than similarly sized homes in non-gated communities.

One thing people frequently ask me when it comes to gated vs non-gated communities is which I prefer. I have lived in both gated and non-gated communities in my twenty years in Las Vegas, and I have to say it isn’t a necessity for me to be in a gated community. We tend to choose homes that fit our needs and wants first and foremost, and then welcome the added benefits of a gate if it happens to be part of the package. Gated communities definitely aren’t something I seek out when searching for a home,though I do have clients who prefer to do so.

As far as price goes, gated communities really run the gamut—from the low $100,000s’ (condos and townhomes) to multi-million dollar estates in (super swanky) communities. I’ve compiled some custom databases below for you to search based on price range. Happy hunting! 

Las Vegas Gated Communities by Price

Under $100,000

$100 - 200,000

$200 - 300,000

$300 - 400,000

$400 - 500,000

$500 - 750,000

$750 - 1,000,000

Over $1,000,000

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