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List of National Parks Near Las Vegas

Living in Las Vegas is not all gambling and laying by the pool, we have a number of national parks near Las Vegas that residents and visitors alike can enjoy. In celebration of the National Park Services 100th Birthday lets discover many of the National Parks that are only a day trip from Las Vegas. We encourage you to go discover what this diverse and beautiful area has to offer and find your park!

1. Tule Springs Fossil Beds National Monument - 18 miles  

This little known Las Vegas area park is an oasis for the summer heat of Las Vegas and is home to a variety of fossils, plant and animals. This day park is great all year long for horseback riding (bring your own), hiking and photography.

2. Lake Mead National Recreation Area - 30 miles

For those looking for some water fun, this park is your best bet to make a splash near Las Vegas. Enjoy the water by fishing, boating, kayaking, canoeing, swimming and even scuba diving.  (who would have thought!) Not a fan of the water? That’s ok there is plenty more to discover at the Las Vegas area National Park.

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3. Death Valley National Park - 142 miles

Yes Las Vegas can get hot but the hottest National Park is just a stones throw from Las Vegas and can’t be missed! There are a number of outdoor and indoor activities as well as guided tours.

4. Zion National Park - 160 miles  

Utah’s first National Park is enjoyed by many Las Vegans looking for some outdoor enjoyment. This park is especially great for kids and has a free ranger program for children 4 and up!  

5. Joshua Tree National Park - 187 miles

A park for a tree? Yes, and this immense desert park features ecosystems that contrast the hotter Death Valley National Park. Activities abound including rock climbing, geology tours and mountain biking

6. Bryce Canyon National Park - 260 miles  

One of the farthest parks on our list, this area is more than just a skiing destination! This national park hosts a variety of nighttime and astronomy programs that will make you want to stay overnight in this colorful sandstone park. 

7. Grand Canyon National Park - 260 miles  

Finally, we can’t forget this classic Las Vegas day trip and one of the Seven Wonders of the Natural World.  I mean how many people can say they have that practically in their backyard. If you haven’t been go… Go right NOW! There is just nothing else I need to say.

Pick one and head out this weekend to enjoy the great National Parks located just a short drive from Las Vegas, Nevada! Some maybe wondering “What about Red Rock Canyon or the Valley of Fire? Why are they not on the list?” These classic Las Vegas area parks are also a great place to go out and explore! But they are managed by the BLM (Red Rock) and State of Nevada (Valley of Fire). 

Get out in to nature and enjoy your park!

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