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Resources for Relocating to Las Vegas

Relocating to the Las Vegas Valley


Hearing that someone is moving to Las Vegas is like music to my ears (I usually start humming Elivis’Viva Las Vegas! when I get the news), because I have a true love affair with this town. There’s so much more to our city than what meets the eye, and it’s such a versatile place--depending on where you choose to live, it can make a great home for everyone from single young professionals to families to retirees.

I often find that the scariest part of moving for most of my clients, though (aside from the actual packing part), is the information side of things: Where should I live?, What local financial and tax information do I need to know?, Which DMV is the least painful to visit?(hint: none of them). The good news is, there are some great online resources for those thinking of relocating--check out the links below for further info. You can also search the lists I’ve compiled of Las Vegas Strip Condos (for the business professional who wants a taste of big-city life), (great spot for families) and Anthem



The Chamber:

Starting with an obvious one, the Chamber has a great section on its website for those looking to relocate. They offer up a really solid, comprehensive list that provides everything from links to local utility companies’ websites to information...

Five Favorite Las Vegas Blogs

As a Realtor, I read the paper and watch local news everyday, but a nontraditional way I like to get my news is from of the city’s best bloggers. So, today I wanted to round up my five favorite Las Vegas blogs for you. Some offer up insider information on the casino industry that completely takes me by surprise; others post in-depth (and mouth-watering) reviews about restaurants that I haven’t had a chance to visit myself yet; and some simply make me laugh. Check out the list and let me know if I’ve missed any of your must-reads:


Stiffs and Georges

Run by David McKee, a three-time Nevada Press Association award winner and former news editor of the Las Vegas Business Press, Stiffs and Georges takes a true journalistic approach to covering the casino industry in Las Vegas--focusings its sights mainly on the business aspect of the industry. With a  “Quote of the Day” section that does a great job of summing up current business and political affairs, this one is a must-subscribe for anyone in the gaming or casino industry.


Vital Vegas

A blog that covers everything from ...

The 10 Best Pools on the Market

Being a Realtor in Vegas means I get to show some unbelievable properties, so--sticking with this week’s theme of beating the Las Vegas heat--I wanted to showcase some of the most extravagant pools on the market right now. For most of us, this is some serious window-shopping (can you say dream home?). In the meantime, channel your inner rockstar (or professional athlete, if that’s more suiting) and check these out:


Cabin Meets Zen Pool    Cabin Meets Zen Pool 2

(1) Cabin Meets Zen at Anthem

We love everything about this Anthem Country Club 6-bedroom, 8-bathroom home. Warm wood and stonework give it a cozy, almost cabin-like aesthetic, while clean lines add a modern twist. But, even better than the interior, is a disappearing-edge pool that adds some serious zen to the property. Ohhhhhhm.

Rocky Oasis at Queenridge North     Rocky Oasis at Queenridge North 2 ...

Timing Real Estate Market is 'Luck' Based

An Ariel View of North Las VegasAn aerial view of a North Las Vegas residential community on Tuesday, Sept. 9, 2014. (David Becker/Las Vegas Review-Journal)

By Jennifer Robison, Las Vegas Review-Journal

You plunked down cash for a Las Vegas home in 2009 and invested in stocks in 2012.

Boy, did you mess up.

A new analysis shows you‘d have made $66,000 more if you had rented instead and put your home‘s 2009 down payment into the stock market, according to online housing marketplace Zillow. It‘s the opposite if you‘d bought in 2012: You‘d have made $52,175 more if you had invested in real estate.  READ MORE....


Make a Day of it: Beat the Las Vegas Heat


Oh Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Las Vegas, Las Vegas. We get some pretty amazing falls, winters and springs, but--boy--do we pay for it in the summer. This one’s been a little up and down, thankfully. June was incredibly hot, but July hasn’t been too unbearable--anything under 100 feels like 75 after you’ve lived here for a few years. I even ate dinner outside last night (ah, the little things in life). One of the things I love most about this city, though, is that there’s always something to do, regardless of weather. So, today I wanted to bring you a few of fan-favorite ways to beat the Vegas heat.




Buying New In Summerlin

 Summerlin Trails in New Development

With its recreational trails, proximity to Red Rock, sought-after school zones and seemingly countless parks, Summerlin is quickly becoming to Vegas what Scottsdale is to Pheonix. Summerlin residents also tend to love that the area offers some of the best dining and shopping options in the Valley--Downtown Summerlin, the coveted community’s newest addition, has brought in everything from Lululemon to Nordstrom Rack to a second location for a local hot-spot, Grape Street (go get their Penne Alla Vodka and thank me later). 

It’s a small wonder, then, that I constantly hear from clients who want to start their home search in Summerlin before looking elsewhere. As Summerlin’s development spreads further west, we’re noticing a number of top builders offering some pretty great plans ready for the taking.

Buying new has a ton of perks, most of which are obvious (i.e. that unmistakable sense of comfort that comes from knowing your floors have never before been walked on by a stranger’s bare foot). But I also hear from clients who love the fact the entire house in under warranty because everything is brand new. Others are noticing that outdoor living spaces are (finally!) making a comeback in new plans. And the eco- (and economically-) conscious buyers tell me they're drawn to the fact that 2015 floor plans are dripping in energy-efficient features. Above all of these though, almost every new homeowner’s favorite buying-new perk seems to be the...

A Modern Way to Spread Local Love

One of the things I love most about living and working in Las Vegas is being part of a tight-knit community while still having access to perks normally reserved for hustling-bustling, high-rise-laden ultra cities. The latest and greatest of these perks? A smart-phone app (currently in eight cities) that allows you to instantly gift menu items from local restaurants and bars.

Here’s a quick breakdown: You visit the It’s On Me website or download the app, choose a Las Vegas bar or restaurant and pick out an item to gift (among my favorite items to gift are the bacon jam from Carson Kitchen, the cinnamon biscuits from EAT and the Sicilian Punch from Honey Salt). You can then email or text the gift to anyone along with a custom message (Congrats on finding your dream home, guys. I know Moscow Mules are your favorite, so enjoy a few on me). The recipient can then visit the vendor and use their phone to redeem the gift once their check comes.  

Its on me app 1   Its on me App

The first time I heard of the service, I wasn’t sure what to make of it (or, frankly, how useful it would actually end up being), but its solid list of participating vendors (and intuitive interface) has made it a fun addition to my day-to-day interactions with clients. 

As a Realtor, I can send a client a glass of champagne as a Congrats On Closing! gift. It’s also a great way to introduce new residents to...