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Susan Anton at Cabaret Jazz in The Smith Center

Last weekend, Tiffany and I were invited by close friends Jeff and Susan to come see Susan at the Smith Center. She performed her show on Friday and Saturday nights in the Cabaret Jazz Showroom.

We had seen her perform before at this venue, so we knew we were in for a special night.  And, it was even better than special.  She lit up the room with an eclectic mix of songs from then and now.  And, her band and backup singers with top notch too.

She chose selections from James Brown, Stevie Wonder, The Cure, The Beatles, Crosby, Stills & Nash, and Mike & the Mechanics….so many great ones.  Her version of the Cure’s “Lovesong” was superb.  Truly an enjoyable evening.

Along the way, Susan Anton shared a few of her many great stories of her performing career…. her time performing with George Burns, Kenny Rodgers, Frank Sinatra and more.  She spoke of her child, a Wheaton Terrier named Joe. 

Tiffany and I met Jeff and Susan years ago, early in the morning, at the Willows Park in Summerlin.  They were taking Joe and we were taking Bentley, our first Standard Poodle, out for morning walks and our paths crossed.  We visited for a few minutes each and every day.  And,...

Las Vegas Market Watch Report - August 2016

by David Brownell

Happy September! Below are the August Market Watch Reports. 

Not much as far as new trends…. more of the same from the past few months. 

Though, we are beginning to feel the end of the high season…. things seem to be slowing a bit.   

And, pending and closings are up pretty significantly (year over year).  It will be interesting to see if this continues through the end of the year. 

Have a great month.  See you next……




Pardee Homes to Feature a New Home Style in its first Skye Canyon Community - Modern Farmhouse

The new home styles are a-changing.  Las Vegas architecture, like home design styles in other parts of the country, goes through transitions.  We have seen Tuscan-Mediterranean home styles which were “in” for so many years get replaced by mid-century modern, including traditional farmhouse and desert contemporary exteriors.  Pardee Homes is one of the leaders of these new home style introductions into Las Vegas real estate market.  Read more about one of their featured communities in Skye Canyon, northwest Las Vegas’ newest master planned community that was recently featured in the Las Vegas Review Journal. 

The cookie-cutter look visible in many Las Vegas neighborhoods is getting a makeover, and it’s literally back to the farm. 

Pardee Homes is opening its models in the first phase of Skye Canyon in northwest Las Vegas on Sept. 10. 

What’s getting the attention in its Keystone neighborhood is a modern take on the traditional farmhouse. Earlier this year, Pardee became a Gold Nugget Grand Award winner at the Pacific Coast Builders Conference for its Farmhouse Responsive home. Its Transitional Farmhouse design featured at Keystone was influenced by that design. 

It’s a two-story home that starts at 2,800 square feet and goes up to 3,500 square feet. It has a sharp-angled roof, front balcony, up to five bedrooms and a three-car garage, said Rocky Cochran, vice president of operations for Pardee Homes. 

“This is a traditional farmhouse scene, and it’s taken right of the page of the show homes that we did at the beginning of the year,” Cochran said. 


Top Things the Best Real Estate Agents Should be Discussing with You

Throughout our research, we found this article “Five Things Real Estate Agents Won't Tell You” on I felt that Mr. Gerber or someone he knows may have had some bad real estate experiences so I thought I would address some of his comments.


Summary: Five Things Real Estate Agents Won't Tell You

1. Your home is not an investment.

2. Sale contracts do not offer ironclad protections.

3. Home inspectors are not always impartial

4. Commissions are negotiable

5. You may hate your neighbors



The average person interviews only one agent and usually the first one they meet is the one they hire. OR, If the agent has been referred by someone the buyer or seller know and trust, the interview process usually doesn’t exist at all.  And that my friends, is the miss.  The best Real Estate Agents should and will discuss all five of the points that Mr. Gerber points out with any client.  

Show me a sales contract that offers ironclad protection, I find it doubtful one exists.  Most brokerages do have disclosure forms and/or addendums that protect the sellers from future attempts to “claw back money” but even signed, a buyer can still seek judgment if they were wronged.  On the same note, as a Realtor, I would never ask my client (buyer or seller) to waive their future rights away. 

The best Real Estate Agent will want their client to know the condition of the home being purchasing.  A home inspection is not an opportunity to nickel &...

Las Vegas Home Prices: Have they risen too high to buy or sell?

By Christopher Hahn

Well, the Review Journal has said it, “Las Vegas home prices have furthest climb to regain peak.”  Wahat does this mean for you?  A personal analysis has shown that Las Vegas home prices reflect well on the Case-Shiller Indices for value which provides support, along with this article, that we are still in a good time to buy.  Further analysis indicates that the Las Vegas market has only 2.6 months of inventory (July 2016, GLVAR MLS), with a steadier market being closer to 4-6 months of inventory, providing that now could also be a great time to sell as sellers could get more than the market value while still remaining of a good value for buyers.  To support this, the article also refers to “Las Vegas being the fourth-best metro area in the country for homeowners.” Check it out now:  

Las Vegas home prices have bounced back in recent years, but Southern Nevada’s recovery has the longest way to go in the country, a new report shows.

Mortgage-data site this week said Las Vegas-area home prices would need to rise 44 percent of current value to regain peak.


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That was the widest gap among the 100 metro areas listed in the report, surpassing other boom-and-bust cities including Riverside,...