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Brownell Team Realtors® represents the region's finest properties with exceptional skill using the most innovative technologies currently available. The team offers ultimate privacy and security, speed, and efficiency. Our team's years of full-time experience have given us a clear understanding of the complex mindset of both home buyers and sellers and a thorough understanding of the regional marketplace.

As a team, we are solely focused on serving our clients and those they refer to us, wholeheartedly. We rely on people like you for your endorsement to others. To us, your satisfaction is critical. It is the foundation of our company. We pride ourselves on being courteous, genuine and professional. Our team has worked hard to gather accurate information about the Las Vegas area and its real estate market to make sure our Buyer and Seller clientele are informed and confident in our work.

Our Goal - To exceed your expectations.

Our Philosophy - We strongly believe in providing high quality and trustworthy service to our clients in order to build trusted relationships that are referral-based.

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David Brownell grew up in the Midwest - Des Moines, Iowa. He originally moved to Las Vegas to assist his uncle in writing a management book and running his business. His family still resides in Iowa – his mom and three younger sisters, two brothers-in-law, four nephews (Adam, Joey, Matthew and Ben) ... Read More
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Originally from Colorado, Tiffany moved to Las Vegas in 1993. Since 1996 Tiffany Harris has been deeply involved in all aspects of the real-estate industry. Starting in sales, where she compiled an impressive history quickly, Tiffany went on to direct a real-estate school and has authored numerous ... Read More
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Raquel Guedes-Almeida was born in Montreal, Canada, but she grew up in Las Vegas from an early age. She has a love of sushi and tacos which has made her an expert in good eats around the valley.   Raquel spent 7 years in education, and was most recently a teacher in Clark County before deciding ... Read More
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Russell Marco is an original!  He was born and raised in Las Vegas with his two younger triplet brothers. He began his real estate career right after graduating high school while pursuing his college degree in Business Management. After graduating college Russell has continued his career in Real ... Read More
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Dorthy Sierra grew up in Las Vegas and started her real estate career in 2006.  Real Estate has become her passion and she is committed to consulting and educating her clients.  "For most people, this is one of the largest, most personal financial decisions someone will make in their lifetime.  I ... Read More
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Brett Sterling is a dedicated and knowledgeable realtor who moved to Las Vegas with his family from Arizona. Brett enjoys watching baseball, hitting the gym, and hiking with his dogs. He is also an avid fan of movies, television, video games, coffee, and trying out new restaurants as a ... Read More