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Preferred Vendors

What business has provided you with world class service?

We have worked with hundreds of vendors from handymen to custom home builders. Our Philosophy that We strongly believe in providing high quality and trustworthy service to our clients in order to build trusted relationships that are referral-based. And, we expect the same from the businesses we refer to you!

Many businesses have “Preferred Vendor List” but how are these vendors chosen? Will you get the service you need and deserve? That is why we personally vet each vendor to verify they meet with Brownell Team REALTORS® high standards. We learn about:

  • What makes them better than their competition
  • Their pricing structure
  • How they handle complaints
  • And more!

In most cases, we will use the services of a vendor before giving the stamp of approval and adding onto our list. Also, we look to you, our friends & clients, to provide your feedback about experiences with the service professional we provide or to add to our list by sharing those businesses that have provided you with outstanding service.

Below are some of the featured Preferred Vendors. Contact us to get a referral for a specific service.

Butter Plumbing 702-655-2514

Waterproof  Pools and Maintenence 877-660-2336

Advantage Air 702-496-5093

Be sure to let them know we sent you! And let us know how it went!